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Research reveals British drivers prefer buying automatic over manual

By Saima Omar | 12 Jun 2017

UK sales of new cars with an automatic transmission has increased by 55% in the last four years and request for automatic gearboxes is rising 300% quicker than the total market growth.

New analysis by the Contract Hire and Leasing website has found that 45% of all enquiries now relay to cars with automatic transmissions.
Mike Best of Contract Hire and Leasing said: “New automatic transmissions are extremely intelligent.

“It’s now common to see seven and even nine-speed automatic transmissions, such as the Mercedes-Benz 9G-tronic.

“They enable smooth, efficient driving at low revs, therefore burning far less fuel and reducing emissions.
“Manuals often create bad driving habits such as over-revving, riding the clutch and using the wrong gear.
“These are things that cause wear-and-tear, as well as increase fuel consumption and emissions.”

Best also said: “As manufacturers unveil more EV and hybrid models, more efficient automatic transmissions and push forward with autonomous driving technology, the death of the manual may not be far away.”

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