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Top Tips for your car's winter survival kit

By Simran Sehmi | 22 Jan 2021

It’s that time of the year again! Winter. The time where we’re pulling on thick woolly jumpers and wrapping ourselves with scarves, hats and gloves.

But, have you spared a thought or two for what this time of the year means for your beloved car?

We’re all aware that Winter, generally is the season for long queues at traffic lights, delayed journeys, and darker days. And with a while yet before the clocks go forward to welcome the lighter evenings, it’s good to have a think about the tools you’ll need for an easy life this year.

Here are the AutoCare Garages’ top tips for Winter:

In winter, it’s a good idea, to keep some essentials in your car – try and keep them neatly in a bag or a box so that they do not create unwanted clutter in your car.

When the snow arrives thick and fast, make sure you get your vehicle checked out by your nearest garage on

What to do if you get stranded in winter on a particularly snowy day?

Do you want to get your car booked in for a winter check-up? You can book your car in by searching for your nearest AutoCare Garage here.

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