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Motorists are in with the chance to win either one of THREE holiday vouchers with £2,000 or one of 55 fantastic runner-up prizes with AutoCare Garages!

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The AutoCare Winter Promotion attracts over 11,500 entries

The AutoCare Winter Promotion received over 11,500 entries from motorists, with FOUR lucky winners scooping a luxury getaway!

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Don’t let your tyres ruin your summer holidays

We all know that uncomfortable sunburn or a brush with a jellyfish can ruin a summer holiday, but have you thought about the effects under-inflated tyres might have on your break or day trip this summer?

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The AutoCare Spring Promotion attracted over 12,000 entries

The AutoCare Spring Promotion received over 12,000 entries from motorists, with one lucky winner bagging a brand new Peugeot 208!!

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Max Townsend wins £50 Love2Shop voucher!

Congratulations to Max Townsend who has won £50 Love2Shop vouchers for taking his car to his local Approved Garage, Douglas Compton in South London this March.

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Would you know what to do in case of a breakdown on a motorway?

Highways England is advising everyone to ‘Go Left!’. If your vehicle has a problem, or you get into trouble on a motorway, stay calm and try to exit at the next junction or motorway service area.

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Autocare BIG Spring Promotion is NOW LIVE! Visit an AutoCare garage between 1st April and 31st May for your chance to win, by booking for an MOT, service or car repair.

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Angus Haywood wins £50 Love2Shop voucher!

Congratulations to Angus Haywood who took his car to the nearest Approved Garage, Everymans Garage in Chichester by winning a £50 Love2Shop voucher.

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Top Tips for your car's winter survival kit

It’s that time of the year again! Winter. The time where we’re pulling on thick woolly jumpers and wrapping ourselves with scarves, hats and gloves. But, have you spared a thought or two for what this time of the year means for your beloved car though?

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